Hydrah is a Los Angeles-based electronic music composer, classically trained pianist and vocalist. Her background in romantic classical music and years spent as a punk rock songstress have manifested in compositions that set orchestral-inspired melodies atop heavy driving bass lines. Led by her powerfully indelible vocals, Hydrah’s emotionally charged yet minimalist sound spans multiple genres within the electronic realm, culminating in an unforgettable stage performance that features live vocals and keys.

“Hydrah  has an emotionally charged yet minimal style that puts to use her skills as not only a producer, but also as a classically trained pianist, cellist, and vocalist. “ - Dancing Astronaut
“Moody and dark, Ominous is a powerful piece juxtaposed between modern electronica and haunting piano and strings. The underlying beat surges through the introduction and the strings lifting the track into a pumping dance beat ready for any nightclub.” - Urban Lifestyle Chic
“This track perfectly embodies its title through gorgeous classical instrumentation and topped by haunting, angelic vocals. A mood-boosting bass-line accentuated by a tinkling piano opens the track before a string section draws you into the beautiful chaos this track is named for. Here’s hoping classical house is going to become more and more of a thing.”  - The Nest HQ (on "Beauty in Chaos")